This software allows monitoring and control of multiple robots. It was developed to work with TurtleBots running Robot Operation System (ROS). The software provides the user with information about current location of the robot with respect to the map known to the robot. The user may define the areas of interest in the given enviroment (e.g. by their purpose) and assign the robotic tasks to be performed in a particular region. Once the environment map is marked with the regions, the user may make use of the autonomous navigation and path planning facilities implemented in ROS by sending the robot to a particular region to do a certain task there.

The information from the ROS environment is being retrieved from the ROS master node. Similarly this information and user-defined region markup can be retrieved by a 3rd-party application. All the application level protocol is based on TCP sockets.

The functionality and interface is kept minimal for versatility of applications. The original domain of this software is - a means of visual stimulation of a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) user, which aims to provide feedback of the robot activity in a minimal and accessible way. This software is a part of the Brain-Robot Interface (BRI) framework being used in a Brain-Robot Project.

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